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My divorced friends, separated friends, and half of my married non-separated friends here in Japan would certainly not share the view of these fools. Both the rich unattractive guy and the hottie guy would be turned off by such shallow women, and would go elsewhere. They can both find a nice-looking woman with some depth, and don't have to settle for less. What women say they want in a man, they really want in a man, and what they finally choose in a man are 3 entirely different things. The day I take notice of a magazine survey to distinguish loves lost dream is the day I eat my shoe, and bark at my handbag.

A better and more realistic question would be low paid worker with kind personality vs richer guy who is a sociopath. It was too easy to discount the good looking guy and too easy to accept the rich guy. PamiPame; Thank you for your honest post. I'm sure it is easy for a Japanese woman to fool most men, including most foreign men who might be slightly more sensitive to phony presentations.

There's something about the law of attraction where such not-so-good women will be found attractive by many not-so-good aware guys.

I hope your situation is a good one. It seems that you will be found or have been found by one of the 'good' guys. Thank you again for your post. An American guy who has been married for quite a long time to a 'good' Japanese lady. Most of them may have jobs but what percentage actually pay room and board to their parents?

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As long as they are at home, they are living off of their mom and dad. In agreement with warispeace as this takes being shallow to another level. Also agree with the majority that the question in itself does not reflect the real world or real life. Really tough question for a lot of women to answer here New toys from the rich boy or fork out for dinner? Very good post, PamiPame. Thanks for coming on here and telling it like it is. I agree with everything you said, and actually have had the very same conversation with many Japanese women over the years I have lived in Japan.

It is pretty obvious really, and I can't see how a place like Japan would breed any other kind of women. The only women I know from Japan who don't display these characteristics are the ones who feel disenfranchised by the system, and exist on the outskirts. A lot of these often speak English pretty well, as they have studied it as a means to escape the reality of their nationality. The rich guy could well lose all his money in a financial crash or due to poor financial management. The hottie will be old, grey and wrinkled one day.

But most women want a man who is either rich or marry a man that is handsome. Sadly, most of the women taking part in the survey will never have to worry about either one: I don't think it's endemic in Japan not because I know much about the Japanese's view of it, but because I think the survey would be about the same here in NA. If it's not I would tend to say that it would be because the girls would be hypocrite.

Happily for us like me that aren't handsome or rich we can date someone of our ''level'' haha. There should've been another option "marry the rich guy, never have sex with him but meet the unemployed hottie on the side and pay for it with the rich husbands money" Yeah, those who see wealth above love are going to get what they work for. In my country, instead of women expecting a sugar-daddy, they look into making themselves wealthy.

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While this "survey" is still just considered a gossip thing, the perspective that the woman or man expects the to be able to spend the rich person's money is severe delusion. Many smart rich guys are rich because they don't let the women have unlimited access to their funds. Even if I was rich, I wouldn't want to marry a woman that sat on her butt all day spending all the cash that I worked for.

She'd better get out there and earn her own money and show that she herself is fiscally responsible and capable of taking care of herself. Because there is never any guarantee that anyone will keep the wealth they have for the rest of their lives. One of my co-workers is a young woman with a child, she left the father and stated that making herself reliant soley on his income was the biggest mistake ever.

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  7. She now is trying to buy her own house with her own money so she'll never be stuck in a situation where she doesn't have control of her environment or finances. What position would anyone rather be in a relationship. Getting kicked out of someone elses house, or kicking someone out of your own house during an argument? An utterly disappointing result, and not at all surprising, which is also utterly disappointing. Neither looks nor money should be any kind of a factor in relationships. Being so shallow as to focus on looks makes you look like a That's about as politely as I can put it.

    And if any girl tried to use me as an ATM, I'd send her packing in an instant. I work hard for my money, I'm not about to let a woman snatch it away from me for no good reason. I don't mind treating a girl on special occasions, or if I'm in a particularly good mood, but if she's constantly demanding X amount of money, or requesting that I buy her this, that and the other, that's just gold digging.

    Ain't nobody got time for that. I love your comment! I think there is too much princess thinking that they won't work and find a man who will do all the work and bring the money. The reality is when you're riche you like to have a wife who is doing something of her life.

    Magazine asks women if they’d rather date an ugly millionaire or unemployed hottie

    I don't think true relationship with full of love is established under any of these circumstances. That's why women who choose their man by one of them indicated in the article would have another guy. I am really annoyed with any relationship survey conducted by Japanese media because they never consider nature of love or personality! If I can date a beautiful western woman, it would be great; however I will consider her personality and appreciate her for my imperfect English skills I am Japanese.

    I have never met any Japanese like the fake ones that are in it for their own wants and needs, but have met many like that in America. Men are visually aimed.

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    Women aim for finding someone that can take care of their needs so they can take care of the family PamiPame, your post is very insightful and sounds like what my Japanese husband often said--Japanese women are "scary" because he could never know what they were really like. Growing up he became very disillusioned with marriage and family based on what he saw around him, went abroad and found hope, and me We have similar views of how love is the base of marriage.

    I think you're not alone and many Japanese young people are dissatisfied with the expectations of married life in their culture. That said, those who complain about gold-diggers have no idea what it's like to be married to a working Japanese man. You will rarely see him. He will come home very late and drunk, only enough time to shower and sleep 4 hours, most week nights. He is no position to contribute anything to child-rearing and the household in general, besides money. If you can reasonably expect to have to raise your kids like a single mom, why wouldn't a woman choose a situation in which she didn't have to work full-time?

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    7. This survey reflects a sad cynical attitude many women have, but women are only one half of the equation. You hit the nail on the head,It is hard to find the good apple among the bad ones, I am lucky to be married with a good Japanese woman. I wouldnt care if she was white black or blue, as long as they truly love you. Most girls dont like hot guys, and theyd pick someone else over a hot guy even if he didnt have moeny.

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      A mix of what's trending on our other sites. Or, in the case of this survey respondent, cunning: How to Sell Property in Japan: Is the Time to Sell? Jan 31st Thurs , Higashi Azabu, Tokyo. I rather have a ugly name for a hot girl then have a beutiful name for a hideous girl.

      I'm not shallow enough to care about names or looks. No offense to anyone. UnknownSniper65 Follow Forum Posts: Somehow, I think I'd get over it. Shad0ki11 Follow Forum Posts: Shewgenja Follow Forum Posts: Kaim91 Follow Forum Posts: Colin Follow Forum Posts: What kind of question is this? Bloodseeker23 Follow Forum Posts: Doesn't matter, its just a name, and I can call her a cute nickname, let say, Candy, or something.

      NoobisMaxcimus Follow Forum Posts: Kakarot Follow Forum Posts: I don't think it really matters on what if the girl's name is ugly As long as she's beautiful andwe like each other for the way we are then she's okay with me: Crotazoa8 Follow Forum Posts: As much as i want to i can't I would simply come up with a nickname that I would always call her to get around that. Plus, a hot body is better than a hot name. Of course I would. Only because I'm open-minded, though. I think if you answer no, you have some deep seeded issues you need to deal with. I wouldn't date a hot girl.

      Err, nicknames work fine, and you can change names.

      It's a good then, that I like the name of my 'girlfriend'. JeffSpicoli Follow Forum Posts: I don't really care what her name is cause I can just call her babe. If she is good looking and has a decent personality then I would probably date her. Raiden Follow Forum Posts: If this is Murk, then I'm ok.